Neuro-imaging: Case Studies

Quiz yourself on neuro-radiology images. There are cases from a range of subtopics and three levels - basic, intermediate, and advanced. As a general guideline, we categorized cases in the following way:

  • Basic cases are appropriate for USMLE-level exams and above,
  • Intermediate cases are appropriate for RITE and Neurology board exam level and above, and
  • Advanced cases are at the level of neuroradiology subspecialists.
  • Select the quiz you want to take - answers with links to full explanations will appear once you have completed the quiz.

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    Quiz Topic and Level of Difficulty

    Neurovascular Diseases - Basic  
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    Basic-level question topics cover vessel disorders of the CNS from ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes to vascular malformations. This quiz currently contains 5 questions that are pulled from a larger question pool.