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Designed to help residents prepare for EEG ABPN milestones, the quiz covers all 5 levels of competency.

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This quiz is designed to help you prepare for the Neurology EEG milestones as outlined by the ABPN. Specifically:

Level 1: Explain an EEG procedure in non-technical terms.

Level 2: Use appropriate terminology related to EEG.

Level 3:
- Describe normal EEG features of wake and sleep states
- Recognize EEG patterns of status epilepticus
- Recognize common EEG artifacts

Level 4:
- Interpret common EEG abnormalities
- Recognize normal EEG variants

Level 5:
- Interpret uncommon EEG abnormalities
- Describe normal and some abnormal EEG features of wake and sleep states in children


ABPN Milestones